Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Imageless So What Wednesday

Today, I'm saying So What--

So What if:

Our new apartment has zero organization going on.  Despite my weird tick that I've developed from the mess....I'm getting used to it and realizing that I like my time spent on homework or family more than I like my time spent on clearing the clutter.  It'll wait for me.

We sold our -too big for our new apartment- kitchen table and have yet to find a new one.  Our coffee table is a lift top and we pull Kinley's highchair up to it and eat in the living room.  It works.

I look forward to spending my spring break next week doing homework.  I scheduled for Kinley to go to day care for two half days so that I can do nothing but homework....and I'm so excited for the uninterrupted time.

The people at Fed Ex Office --formerly known as Kinkos-- know me by name.  I love making my lesson plans perfect and hire the "professionals" to make them look perfect.

Today I'm choosing to be lazy and go to class in my lounge clothes.  Sue me.

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