Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I feel like a real poopy-head.  I really do.  If you're my "friend" on facebook, you may have seen my big old goof of "replying all" when being all catty to my professors assistant when I wasn't informed of a class cancellation and drove an hour and twenty minutes ONE WAY to get to class--as well as paid a babysitter to watch Kinley so that I could go to class.....

So I sent this email....and I guess it wasn't terribly mean, but it was attitude-ful.  Yes, that's now a word.  I got the email from my "smart" phone when I was standing in front of the classroom door, reading the sharpie marker'd sign saying that class was cancelled.  I don't have an Iphone, or any phone that notifies me of new emails.  I have to go old school and check my emails via a browser that only works sometimes.  It's not even right to call it a "smart" phone, hence the " ". 

The cancellation email was sent 15 minutes after I left to drop Kinley off at day care.  So, obviously, I didn't get it.  Until I physically checked my email, through the browser on my stupid phone.  Oh, there it was.  So in my fit of anger, I-all snippy-like-emailed the assistant back saying that a phone call, or an earlier email, would have been nice. 

Gas is almost $4 a gallon now, day care isn't cheap, my time is SUPER valuable.....so much was lost that day.  Okay, so that's a bit dramatic.  Sue me.

Off goes my super snippy email. 

I felt so much better, after all, I showed her!  I even clicked "reply all" on my message so that the CC  portion of the email (which I saw had my prof's email on there) would get my message to see how upset I was by this miscommunication.

Ten minutes later, I'm standing in admissions processing checking on a lost transcript (that I found out was not lost after all, they just have zero organizational skills and didn't know where to find it!) I checked my email, through my slow browser on my dumb phone, to see if the assistant decided to email me back an apology. 

Hmmmmm, why did I get my own message?  It was sent from me, to me.......



And yes, I was saying this out loud.  And the admissions processing ladies were just looking at me like I was an idiot.  Because, ladies and gents, I am an IDIOT.

So, I looked at the "Sent To" area of the message and see that not only did the assistant get my message, my prof got my message too (I showed her!).....but so did BOTH sections that my prof taught that day.  Yeah.  There you go.  I showed them. 

I wanted to beat my head against the wall.

Didn't feel like such a hot pants then, did you Joy?!  You showed them. 

No, you showed yourself how texting/emailing should be disabled when you're mad/sad/emotional.

Oh well, what can I do about it now?

Finally, I got a message from the assistant.

Here is the kicker:  She called the number on file for me....before noon (before I left for class).  But it was disconnected. 

Why was it disconnected, Joy?  Well....because WE MOVED that weekend!  The number was disconnected because we MOVED and decided against a home phone at our new place.  GRRRR.  And I forgot to update my records with the university.

So this was ALL my fault and I took it out on everyone else.

Yes, my friends, I was a huge fail.

And to make matters worse, my prof cancelled class late notice because she got into an accident on the way to school.  And was in the ER all night.
HUGE FAIL.  Such a jerk.  I am SUCH a jerk.

I sent an email to both the assistant and the prof apologizing. 

But how do you apologize enough to make them forget what an IDIOT you were. 

My classmates probably laughed at what a fool I was...but I deserve that. 

Lesson learned.  Big time. 

So that story was totally not the point of this blog....I ramble too much.

This professor assigned a project to us.  We are to find four objects (not pictures) that represent the values, beliefs or attitudes that I was taught when growing up.  Now, initially, I misunderstood the project.  Initially I thought that I was supposed to bring four objects that reminded me of growing up.  That was easy.  I had it all ready to go.  It was sunglasses, a fishing lure, a dime and a baseball. 

But now that I really read the assignment, I see that I'm sooo far off base with what I'm supposed to be doing.  But I also read that it can be what we were taught growing up or what we're teaching our own children.  I think I'll do the second. 

Basically, because I really can't think of anything from when I was growing up.  How sad, right?  I thought about throwing the assignment at my mom...asking her what she felt she instilled in her family as far as values and beliefs go....but that would be weird for me.  We all know that our family was dysfunctional....why call attention to it.....right?  But maybe I should.  Maybe it would open up an opportunity to discuss it....

It's always easier to brush it under the rug and just move along....

The values and beliefs that I want to instill in Kinley are so easy.  They are written in her baby book on the first few pages.  Her dad and I sat down one night a few weeks before she was born and wrote them all down for her to always remember.
To be healthy.
To feel true happiness.
To be confident.
To know that family is always first.
We wish for her to be successful in all of her endeavors.
We hope for her to be kind-hearted and self-less.
We wish for her to know her own self worth and respect herself.
We hope for her to always respect her elders.
We wish for her to know that she can always come to us, regardless of her situation.
I think that as she grows, the list may grow.  But really, those are our wishes for our daughter.  So finding four symbols that reflect some of those things, may be quite easy. 

What would your four symbols be for this assignment?


Jaime said...

Joy...do you realize that you ARE everything you want for Kinley? I think you just spelled out every value that was instilled in your own childhood. I see every single one of those virtues in you!

And if you really think about it, those sugar cubes from Western Auto really do sum up what our parents and grandparents wanted for us as adults. They're sweet. They make people happy. They're held together in a nice little package with all their other little sugar cube "family" to support them. When you put them in hot water (like coffee), they take away the bitterness and make everything better. They're something that made each of us smile when we were lucky enough to get a couple of them handed to us. And in each little block of sticky goodness, we hold a memory.

Raegan is my world said...

Oh what a bummer. I have been a victim to reply all before as well. Really makes you feel like a doof.

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