Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Remember Me?

Remember me?  I didn't dare look to see when my last non-meme post was....it's been way too long.  But this morning, after being woke up at 3 by Kinley, who appeared to be having a nightmare, and getting ready for school an hour early, I chose to skip ironing my hair and throw in back into a wet ponytail.  We aren't with students today, thanks to the good old' Presidents Day (observed today, for some reason).  So no students=relaxed wardrobe.  So here I am, back at the old blog.  It's been way too long.

I looked at my schedule for this summer and I'm only going to be taking one class, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  I can't wait until May 5 when this semester ends and I can have my blog life back.  I'm really busting my bucket to keep on top of things and not fall behind.  I want to succeed and do well this semester and if I don't, it won't be from lack of trying. 

I'd like to have all of these exciting and fun things to tell you that have been going on, but that's not the case.  We enjoyed a wonderful visit from my family this past weekend.  Mom, my sister and I took Kinley for her first real shoe shopping experience and I think she enjoyed it.  She was strutting around the store and acted like she owned the place (and she could have because she had free reign with Nonie's credit card).  We settled on a super cute pair of gym shoes that I think will match most everything.  She is a walking machine, never really crawls anymore, but when I put shoes on her, she walked with a stumble.  So I knew that we had to get shoes on her feet so that she'd get better at walking in shoes.

The shoes make her look so big, and it breaks my heart to see how fast she is growing up.  The first year does go fast, but not nearly as fast as it's going from one year forward.  She learns something new every single day.  I love her more than anything in this world and I am SO PROUD to be her mommy.

We're all set for our big move on Saturday.  I lied.  We're sooo not ready.  Not even packed, really.  We My husband has taken several loads to the storage unit, so we have been moving stuff out slowly...but there is so much left to do.  And my husband is stressing it, big time.  I'm sure that we'll get the job done, but it may kill the both of us to do so.  The church offered to help us move, but with life happening, we've had to miss the last three weeks of church and the last two Dave Ramsey classes, so I'm not so sure that the church hasn't given up on us.  I feel like such a huge FAIL.

My project minimize has taken a slow stop.  I've been swamped with homework and haven't been listing stuff to sell.  We I did do our taxes and it looks like with that we can now say that we're debt free, aside from our mortgage.  That feels amazing.  Ah-mazing.  AH-MAZING.  Oh, and aside from my student loans.  Which those alone make me want to crawl in a corner and cry.  But the little stuff, that nickel and dimes you to death, are GONE.  (or will be when that refund comes in)

We also knocked out our first baby step in our Dave Ramsey plan.  Now on to step 2.  What was it again?  I'll have to look.

I haven't been able to see Dr. Laura because of my family being in town, and I can't see her next weekend either, because of the move.  So it's THE NEXT weekend that we'll meet again and I could so use a session right now.  I'm trying to be strong and just hold tight till then.  I know I'll make it.

And on that note, Kinley is up (again) but that's okay, we have to get ready to leave for daycare/school in a half hour.  It was good to touch base again.  I feel reconnected.  Hopefully I won't stay gone so long next time.

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