Monday, January 10, 2011

Weird, online stalker chic

Yes, I scratched out the names to protect the "innocent"
I've been hooked on that game "Words with Friends" since getting my ipod touch in November.  Or let me say that my husband was first addicted, and me second.  We set rules that he has "his games" and I would have mine.  He plays our brother-in-law and my bestie and I set up a game with a random opponent. 

This random opponent and I have been going game after game non-stop for about a month.  I feel like I should know him/her as much "time" as we spend "together."  We do a game a day.  So that is a lot of games.  And those of you familiar with the game, know that there is a chat feature that you can use during the game and so many times I have been tempted to just say "hi" to him/her (we call him/her a her...we even say her screen name as if it were her real name).

But my husband thinks that I'd be that weird internet stalker girl if I were to say hi.  He thinks that it's just a game and it would be weird if I chatted.  But I'm so intrigued!  What if she is someone totally cool?  What if it's Oprah!?  Okay, so I know that it's not Oprah....but what if?!

Would you strike a random chat with a "stranger" that you've been back and forth with for over a month....or is that just weird?


Diving Into Love said...

I would totally say HI!

LOVE the new layout...looks GREAT!

Ana said...

Hi, my name is Ana, and I'm addicted to Words with Friends.

I can't get enough. So much so that I've had to limit myself to when I can play. And I have to cut off play at 9:30pm. Baby steps. Baby steps.

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