Friday, January 14, 2011

Snackin' on air

I normally don't make a habit of eating Kinley's snacks...but I must make an exception here.  Have you tried these things?  Ummm, they taste like French toast.  Like good French toast.
And, you can eat 20 of these things for only 35 calories. Yeah, you read that right.  Eat 20...gain 35. 

Okay, so it's not the most affordable snack.  And I don't think that I'd actually buy them for myself to munch on...cause quite honestly, I would eat the full can.  And although it claims that there are six servings (and that's still only 210 calories) I would so not feel very full.  Cause in general, the Gerber snacks taste like air.  But Kinley loves them.  She loves snackin' on air.


Laura said...

Pierson loves the cheese ones. I might have to get those sometime so he(we) can try them.

Amanda said...

We got the Veggie Mix ones for Brynleigh and I am in love! They are so good too!

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