Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lesson Learned

So you know how some restaurants splurge on their customers and fill their little creamer bowls with all of the "fancy" know, Irish Cream, Vanilla, Hazelnut (that's really about as "fancy" as I've seen them get...the standard three).

A couple of weeks ago, we went out to eat after church and on our table was a bowl filled with this flavory goodness. 

And I stole three.  I didn't even order coffee while I was there.  But I took one creamer of each flavor.

Okay, that's a lie.  I took two of each flavor.  Ugh.  The shame.

I just couldn't sit here and lie to you.

I did the whole "quick grab and throw them in your purse" tactic.

Now, let me remind you that I carry my beloved Coach bag and those little flavory cups of goodness went into my side pocket inside the Coach.

Fast forward two weeks.

(You totally know where this is going.)
My husband and I (& Kinley, of course) were piling into the car to go and do a return at Kohl's.  The husband asked if I had extra pacis (pacifiers), because who would dare go into public without a fully supplied stash of those things!?  (not us)  I reached into my Coach and into my side pocket where I thought I remembered throwing a pink paci.

Ummmmm, can you say sticky?!

I was like, "What in the heck got in my purse?!"  I was all ticked off.  Ready to beat down whoever it was that spilled something into the Coach.

I pulled out my baggie with a dryer sheet folded into it.  (For static in my hair, smart, eh?) and it was all gooey and sticky and slimy.

And then I found the pacifier that I remembered throwing in there.  Gooey, slimy, sticky.  Ick.

And more and more I started smelling this strange smell, it kind of smelled like Irish Cream.  What the heck?

*this is a big side pocket*

I reached even further down, and oooooooooohhhhhhhh nnnnnooooooooo.

Little flavory cups of goodness.

I remembered my day of thieving.

The day that I thought, ooooohhhh, these would go perfect with my new Keurig coffee!  As I quickly stashed them into my side pocket.

Yeah, they were so worth STEALING!

Luckily, only one of the stupid flavored cups of goo popped open and oozed into my Coach.

But really?  How do you clean that?!  The leather is fine, it's the lining that looks all ick. 

I wiped it out, so it's no longer gooey or sticky. 

It's just not "perfect" like it was before my days of stealing.


That will teach me. 


Ana said...

It's those little god smacks that keep up in check...and remind us that our purses should be cleaned out more often. ;)

Jill said...

Haa Haa!!! This sounds like something that would happen to me!!!
I go all "theif" like when I see the condiments at restaurants/hospital. It is seriously like condiment heaven. Everything you can think of ... looking all pretty in that itty bitty package.
I mean come on ... the companies HAVE to know they are toying with our emotions in situatons like that.

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