Monday, January 17, 2011

The Good Wife

I am such a good wife. 

I'm a good wife because I allowed agreed to share our dining room with this monstrosity.

You see, it was given to us by a friend of mine. 

My husband LOVES Big Buck Hunter.  We have it for the Wii and we have the other game that Walmart sold at Christmas time.  And now we have the freakin' arcade game.  In our dining room.

There's no doubt that my husband is a redneck.  But this doesn't put me in the category too, does it?

I can just hear Jeff Foxworthy now, "You might be a redneck IF you have a Big Buck Hunter arcade game in your dining room!"


My reasoning is this:  we are RENTING this place (can't WAIT to get out of it).  No one ever comes over to visit.  The stupid thing won't fit down the basement steps (where it was supposed to live) and once he got it into the house, where else was it supposed to go?  He can't freeze to death in the garage while he plays it. 

But most importantly, he loves it.

And who am I to say that he can't have it inside.  You know?

So our dining room now has that bar look....complete with a video game.

Ugh, I'm so redneck.

Let me just say this, when we buy a house, this thing will be in the back of my mind and I will buy a house that will fit this thing into a basement or game room.  It will not be a permanent dining room piece.


GinaClaire said...

I think this is awesome, you really are in love when you share your living space with his passion. Could be worse, could be decorated with duck decoys. :O)

Leslie said...

you are a saint! haha

Tom said...

I love it...and like you said, it's only temporary.

When will I be invited over for a Bacardi and Diet and play a round or two??

Jsut think, your next place needs to have that game room, or walk out basement. Easy way in then.

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