Wednesday, December 15, 2010

She makes me age a year every day!

Yesterday, she got into a bowl of chocolate.

Today, she scales the coffee table.

Ugh.  I seriously can't even walk out of the room for 2 minutes!  Yesterday I left the living room to throw away some junk mail and I come back to seeing her with my bowl of chocolate (I am a severe chocoholic and buy chocolate chunks-like chocolate chips, but chunks-by the bagful and keep them in a bowl) in her lap and fistfuls of the melty goodness in each hand and chocolate drool everywhere.  Ugh.  I panicked.  I think that the whole dog-eat-chocolate-must-die theory popped into my head or something....cause I was in a hard panic.  I then realized, ummmm, it's really gonna be okay.  She's a kid, not a dog.  And Lucy eats M&Ms and is fine.  I should have enjoyed the moment for what it was and snapped a picture.  But I didn't.

Today, I was folding Richie's work clothes and when I was finished, I got up and went to grab towels from the dryer and put the sheets in the dryer.  Typical.  Well, I come back into the living room and find this...
Notice that the laundry basket that held the work clothes was used as her step up (over on the left).  This child is going to be the death of me!

Earlier today, she decided that the toy box was not for toys, but instead, for her.
You'll have to forgive her grunginess (is that a word?).  She has a cold and is snotting faster than she'll allow me to wipe.  And the hair is growing out of control!  I love it.  I love my little grunge-baby. 

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GinaClaire said...

Just remember she is exploring new things everday. This is the time to watch her close she will amaze you with everything she does. I love the new words Gio says and the steps he takes its an amazing world that makes our amazing little people. P.s keep a camera by ur side for the next 17 years they grow to darn quick :0)

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