Monday, December 20, 2010

Date Night

So Danielle and I went out on Saturday night.  We had a nice dinner at the White Chocolate Grill and even decided on the "date night" dinner special.  Because we were on a date. 

There was an hour wait when we arrived, so we decided to sit in the bar and have a martini while we waited for our table.  I had the Blue Lemon Martini and she had the Flirtini.  So tasty.  The hour wait just flew by...we got so involved in catching up. 

It's interesting to see how our relationship has evolved...I guess as most adult friendships do.  We went from seeing each other almost daily, to now, maybe monthly.  It's kind of sad.  But I guess that's what happens when one of us goes off and gets married and has a baby!  haha 

Dinner was amazing.  Nothing short of it.  From the appetizer, to the salad to the salmon.  Wow.  And the dessert.  It was the only picture I took all's not a good picture.  But I refused to be that girl taking a picture of the dessert on the table, so I turned off the flash to seem rather sneaky.  It was a warm, white chocolate brownie, with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and shaved white chocolate.  *ahhhhhh*  I could go for round two of that right about now.

Our waiter hated us, we're pretty sure.  And I couldn't tell you why.  But he seemed to act like we were a burden to his night or something.   Whatever, I didn't care for his surfer dude attitude either.

After dinner, we had to run back to the car in the frigid temps and I'm pretty sure that our joints froze on the way.  It was cold. Chicago cold.  I don't really get out of the house much because of Kinley (I just prefer to keep her in when it's this cold) so it seemed about 10 degrees colder than it really was. 

We got to the bar where the band was playing and I seriously felt like I had just stepped in to a nursing home retirement party.  The crowd was *old* and just so not what I was expecting.  It was trashy, dirty and ugh....old!  So that led me to ask myself, what happened?

What happened to the fun band times that I used to share with my bestie?  What happened to the great music, the fun crowd, the good times, and dare I say, the pretty people?  Did they never exist at all?  Was it all just in my head?  Did the pretty people grow up, get married, have babies and hang their hat? 

Maybe they never existed?  Maybe I just *thought* that it was great music, fun crowds...I know it was good times and maybe ..... we were the pretty people? 

I guess I was hoping to have that moment that Carrie (of SATC, I speak of her as a close, personal friend) talks about at the end of the first movie when she sees the next generation of girlfriends walking by and remembering when it was her and her friends entering the scene.  I guess I was looking for that....and that I didn't find.

It's good to have those memories to look back on and be fond know that I lived those times and had my fun and it felt good to feel that I "grew up" and I'm okay with that.  It was nice being out, but it was nice coming home, walking into my baby girl's room and seeing her sleeping so peacefully.  I went to my bed, pushed Lucy off of my pillow and climbed in. 

I couldn't have asked for a better date night.

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DL said...

Best date night I've had in years! Love you.

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