Thursday, December 16, 2010

Being materialistic is fun sometimes.

So I've been seeing other bloggers posting their Christmas wish lists over the past week or so and thought I would jump on the band wagon.  Richie and I don't exchange gifts because, well, by the time we buy for everyone else, there isn't much left for each other. 
But, that being said, if I could go nuts and buy whatever I wanted for myself...these would totally make my never-ending list.  Allow me to be selfish and self indulgent for just a second...

New anodized cookware. 

The Keurig.  Of course.

Ahhhhh, a remote starter.  I had one on my old car....I need one for the new.

This has got to be the cutest little bow belt.  From, my favorite, The Limited.

Obviously, mine would read "Kinley" and have her December stone.  From The Vintage Pearl.

This is my ridiculous love.  It is about $1500.  Yeah, told ya, ridiculous.

Gloves.  Pretty gloves.

Always wanted Uggs.

And since we're dreaming here, let's go for two.

I quit wearing a watch years ago, but when I saw a Kors watch on another wish list...I swooned.

Just love this fragrance.
A pretty ruffley, girlie scarf.  By Guess.

This scarf is too cute.  From The Limited.

Fur collar trench.  From Old Navy.
A nice Coach wallet to match my purse (that I hope to start carrying again soon, once I ditch the diaper bag)

I pass the baton to you....what is your materialistic Christmas wish?


Anonymous said...

I have the gray boots. They have them at Old Navy farely cheap.

Sara Trost

GinaClaire said...

I would want the Keurig and remote start. Also I would wish for a shopping spree so I can afford a new couch. My house is quaint and cute with beautiful paint but I have a broken down Ghetto to the G couch. LOL

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