Monday, November 29, 2010

I Gobbled It Up...

I had *the* best Thanksgiving weekend.  Normally I wouldn't say that after spending three nights with the family...but this weekend, it was different.  Everyone was in the spirit and just in happy moods.  We got to see all of my siblings and nieces and nephews and it was just really a nice visit.  Kinley was soaking up all of the attention (and food) and was a really good little traveler.

We devoured delicious food not once, but twice.  We had dinner on Thursday and Saturday.  And believe it or not, I ventured out on Black Friday.  Yes, I did it.  But not at 2 a.m. like some.  I waited until Kinley was up and nursed and had breakfast.  I think that we (Richie and I) got to the first store around 8:30.  I don't know why people rush...there were still plenty of selections and great deals.  The big sale goes through 1:00....  so I got all that I wanted and then some.  I was selfish and spent all of my birthday money on me.  Me, me, me.  (Well, we did buy the Big Buck Hunter game for Richie, so I wasn't totally selfish)  I got so many nice clothes for school.  I am totally set.  It has been years since I've bought that much stuff for myself.  And I truly feel like a new woman with all of my new clothes.  You know how it is when you feel like you look good.  You walk with a longer stride and stand up a bit taller.

I was actually tempted to do a fashion show for you and try on, snap a picture, post it here....but I didn't.  I do have a picture of the beloved jeans (they are A.N.A. brand from JcPenney) and one of the sweaters that I bought.  And the boots!  They are $100 boots that I scored for $29.  So I got them in black and brown.

So the jeans.  Ahhhhh, the jeans.  They make me feel skinny!  I haven't toned at all, I haven't lost anything....but in these new jeans, I feel skinny.  That is worth millions in my mind.  And I do plan to get more.  They are still on sale, not Black Friday cheap, but on sale, nonetheless.  (this picture makes me realize how much I need to do something with this hair of mine.)

And speaking of hair, I was going through some old pictures from during my pregnancy for a project that I'm working on and I just can't believe how frumpy I let myself get.  Geez-o.  My hair is just long and blah.  I need to get a new style.  Any suggestions?  I have a lot of hair to work with, here.

For my birthday present from my mom and step-dad, I got a new Ipod touch.  I never even knew that I wanted one...but wowza is it cool!  I can text (my favorite thing), play games, facebook, email, anything I want, from this thing!  It is pretty awesome.  And Richie has not put it down since I opened it.  haha  He's super addicted to that Words With Friends game.  If you play, comment me, I'll send you a game (or he will).

It was a great weekend.  Hope that you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving too.  Let the Christmas countdown begin!

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GinaClaire said...

The jeans are really nice. That is so exciting finding the "right" fit. I was so stressed just shopping for bras this weekend cause I had all three kids by myself :O( It was miserable. I really need some me time to find the right fits. UGH, the drama of growing up.

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